Early Retirement Calc

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General Information

General info that guides the simulation process. The "Minimum Success Chance" will be used to calculate your early retirement age.

% Yearly

Portfolio Benchmarks

Change the percentile that retirement points 1 and 3 follow, and set a minimum leftover amount.

th Percentile
th Percentile

Simulation Details

Choose what data the calculator selects, and what method is used to do the simulations. Find more information in the Infocenter

Monthly Contribution

Indicate how much you contribute to your portfolio on a monthly basis. Add up to six contributions!


Monthly Withdrawal

Indicate how much you will withdraw from your portfolio throughout your retirement. Add up to six different withdrawals!


Monthly Pension Income

Indicate how much pension income you will receive in your retirement. Add up to six pension incomes!


Portfolio Allocation

Choose what portfolio allocation you will use throughout your life. Add up to three different allocations!

Stocks: 75 %
Bonds: 25 %
Cash: 0 %


Portfolio Adjustment

Schedule a portfolio contribution or withdrawal to take place in the future (Think of: Heritage, Wedding, Mortgage, etc). Add up to three different contributions/withdrawals!



Withdrawal Strategy

Choose which strategy to apply to the portfolio withdrawals in your retirement. For explanations, see the Infocenter

Capital Gains Taxes

Make your simulations more realistic by adding your country's capital gains tax system!


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